Pachypodium lamerei
Madagascar Palm
Growing from seeds

I created this page because I wasn't able to find any info/resources on growing these
plants from seed when I was starting out, hope this helps someone!

email me with any questions

Madagascar Palm Seeds purchased from HERE, the instructions said to soak them in water
for 24 hours before planting.

Soil and prepping:
I used 4 3" starter plastic pots, tied them together and put a big dish under.
I used regular potting soil, mixed with 1/3 sand, and a good 3/4" of gravel at
bottom of each little container. This helps ensure that water drains through.
For germinating these, Its good to basically sow the seeds, water, and cover with plastic
or plastic wrap, I used an upside down zip-lock bag and kept an eye to make sure
the soil stayed moist. 

Moist soil is important for germinating these.

More info on watering further below.

LIGHTING: I first germinated the 3 seeds using natural window-light,
I then moved them under a grow light, an Aero Garden setup, minus the
hydro-water part.  I've kept these under 24-hour light.
I'm a bit scared to move them to natural light because they are
doing so well.

One week later, they sprouted:

3 our of the 4 germinated.

This is them a few weeks later, at that point I gave up on the 4th seed germinating,
So I decided to plant 3 seeds in that one container, covered it with plastic until they

The 3 new babies, and their big brothers.

A month or so later.

Getting bigger.

As for watering, the way the containers were set up with the extra gravel at the bottom
keeps them from retaining water.  This way I could water these every few days, or once a week
and they were very happy.  Sometimes I'd give them a good spraying too.

This house spider inhabited the group and ate a lot of gnat's.

About 9 months later from the original seeds being planted.
(different plant in the background, that's an older plant I bought that got overwatered
and is very unhappy, its currently in intensive care with the babies till it gets better)

UPDATE on older plant in the back, it died from overwatering/rot, but the rest are well


Side view as of 8-28-2009


Transplanted them in the fall, and now here are pictures from 12-18-2009:


Closeup of the triplets:

WATERING: Afer they've been transplanted into bigger pots that tend to hold
more water, Cut back on watering a lot, or else you'll over-water and kill your plants.
When I transplanted all of these, I was able too see the plant's big tubular roots made for
storing water.

HOW TO TELL IF YOUR MADAGASCAR PALM IS THIRSTY: On the picture above, you can see
that the stem is a little shriveled, this is any easy indicator your plant is getting thirsty.

WINTER CARE: In late fall and winter, your Madagascar Palm will shed a few leaves and
growth will be slow, this is when you should almost stop watering your palm,
It will drop leaves, and you'll be tempted to water it more, but don't,
over-watering these will kill them.  If you look at the pictures I have up, you'll be able to tell
when winter came around and they shed their leaves...

In the meantime, I also started a Pachypodium densiflorum, when this grows up
it will have a big fat trunk, you can tell already:


I will update with new pictures as they grow. email with any questions,
in the meantime, visit